Saturday, September 25, 2010

DIY Kid Friendly Favors

Photo and Idea from DIY section
If you're having children in your wedding or as guests at your wedding, you might want to provide kid-friendly favors. These DIY favors are courtesy of Gwenab on The Offbeatbride's site gives you the specific directions as well as links to the sites she learned how to make these from under the DIY section of the site. Lego actually has a ice cube mold (go to You can use this to make crayons in the shapes of lego men! Kudos to you Gwen! Great idea and execution! Other suggestions included stars and other fun shapes.

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Sarah H said...

these are so cute! and look easy too! I'll make some for my nieces and nephews even if I don't do them for my wedding!

Tina D said...

cute idea! easy too!