Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shoes Whose Soles Have Soul!

Photo courtesy of YouTube

As you watch this YouTube video of Rosso Solini Secret Soles, you'll find great ways to turn the bottoms of your shoes on your wedding day into part of your decor! Solini Secret Soles come in red, pink, as well as prints like leopard and polka dots. This product looks like fun for any time, not just your wedding.

While I suspect the solid red is a take off on Christian Louboutain's trademark designs, the other designs are just as much fun and give your shoes a touch of whimsy. So if you're looking for an inexpensive way to turn your 'Payless Shoes' or 'KMart's Best' into a top of the line fashion statement, just grab a box of Secret Soles.


Chris said...

Hi it is Tara here from Rosso Solini, I have just seen your blog and wanted to thank you for the feature and the very balanced comments, I hope you dont mind but I have posted your blog on the Rosso Solini FB page so other people can have a peep, keep up the great work many thanks Tara..xxxx

Nancy Ross Vecchione said...

Always happy to have my blog posts shared with other readers! Congrats on a great product.