Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tall Display Of Succulents For Wedding or Home

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Just remove the lamp shade (save it for another re-purpose project, you never know!) and add a lined basket filled with soil. Clever? Yes! Perfect to use to designate a ceremony space or to put behind the head table. I love the trailing lacy look and the pink coloring!

Looking for a different look or color for succulents? If you missed them read "Blue and Purple Succulents For Your Wedding" (source Flowers by Bournay Inspiration) and "Painted Ladies, Glamorizing Succulents."  Just looking for other color combos? Check all my other succulent bouquets and just transpose into your tall lamp 'vase.'  Key to this look? The trailing succulents and some colorful succulents.

If you don't want to have a bouquet that is all succulents add some trailing succlents to your bouquet and a few succulents to pull together your flowers and the pure succlent look above. (And be sure your groom has his own succulent bout!)

I will find a space to do this, if not for a wedding for my house. I think I'm in love! Succulents are great for the DIYer because you can put them together well in advance of your wedding without worry about wilting and fading. I'm off to my garden center to see what I can find!

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