Tuesday, July 10, 2012

30 Second DIY Mini Vase

Want a fast and easy way to make mini vases for a shower or dinner party? This unbelievable mini vase is made from a 2" glass and a BALLOON!

How do you make it? Just stretch a cut the top of the neck off a balloon  over a small 2" glass (votive size), tuck the neck of the balloon inside, and voila! You have a simple but modern looking pretty vase.

You can change the colors at will and for just a few cents! Set up a row of the same color or vary the colors, it's up to you. Photo and idea from Curbly.  Visit this link to see more photos if you are having trouble 'getting it all together!'

This vase works for a variety of places from a casual at home party, a wedding shower or even a college dorm! You never know where you'll see these pretty vases!

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