Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bride Loves Groom? Ya Think?

From Etsy.com

Want a handwritten look for your envelopes without having to write dozens of invitations or thank you note envelopes?  Why not try this personalized stamp made by Etsy artist, Patricia Mumau and sold in her Etsy shop, Primele. Primele is co-owned with her sister, Rachael. Visit them for all your invitation and stationary needs.

Choose a stamp like the one above with the groom (heart) bride's first names with their new address or one with a stamp that is more generic with just Mrs. John Jones and her address.  Lots of choices, but this one with the heart in the center is perfect for wedding stationary.

You can probably get one at your local stationary store as well, just ask wherever you purchase  your invitations. Or put the purchase on your bridal registry. Love the red ink with thank you notes for weddings. My daughter is getting married Valentine's Day, so it would be even more perfect for her! Maybe this will be one of those little gifts I sneak into her gifts for her new apartment to make writing thank yous easier.

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