Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DIY Fancy Envelopes For Invites

Martha Stewart Weddings has a great idea for brides who are making their own wedding invitations. How about trying out these wallpaper envelopes? Just open up the shape envelope you need and lay it on the wallpaper.  Lightly trace the outline in pencil. on the plain side of the wallpaper. Cut out along lines. Use a Martha Stewart Bone Folder (available from Michael's Craft Store) to mimic the envelope's creases on the wallpaper cutout. Re-assemble and secure the envelope with all-purpose glue. Let dry! And you are ready to roll!

One hint: don't buy pre-pasted wallpaper!


Hank hendricks said...

Like the idea and the post...I wish to try it out for Gift Card envelopes.

Nancy said...

Glad you like it. Let me know how yours turn out. Or better yet, send me a photo and I'll add your photo to the post. (email nancy dot cels at aol dot com)