Sunday, August 19, 2012

Buckets of Love

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                    Garden Party Garden
Want an easy way to decorate at your rustic outdoor wedding? Just grab some buckets, some garden flowers and some water and a floating candle of two and you are in business!

Yes this is an EEEBCDI (Easy Enough Even Bill Could Do It Project). If you aren't familiar with my blog, Bill is my husband who is handier in a garage or outdoors tha dealing with crafting! 

So if you are looking for something your groom can help with, this is it! Just hand him a hose, a bucket, the flowers and candles and you're off!


Kaitlin Boles said...

Love this!

Nancy said...

Thanks for reading and commenting. Don't you love how EASY this is! No glass vases to break, no fancy expensive flowers, this is a winner!