Friday, August 31, 2012

Fruitsicle Desserts For Showers or Healthy Snacks

Photo courtesy of Parents Magazine
Fall in love with these heart kabobs or 'fruit pops.'
Love the heart shapes (make it perfect for a wedding shower) or even for a wedding day. Just use a heart shape cookie cutter to make the 'hearts' from watermelons, cantaloupe, or honeydew melons. Make an opening with a toothpick. Then slide them onto Popsicle sticks! How easy could it be?
If you're a teacher (or a mom) these make great school snacks for Valentine's Day. Add the citrus yogurt dip to make it more fun (and a little messy for the kids!)
No matter where you are serving these, the heart shaped healthy snacks will make your guests (or kids) happy!

Looking for more fruit ideas for weddings? Here are just a few of our favorites:

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