Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Secret to Cupcake Bouquets

Cupcake bouquets look so cute as centerpieces for your wedding or bridal shower. But some DIY'ers have reported having difficulty keeping the cupcakes from falling off. What's the secret?

Well the bad news is, gravity works. So if your cupcakes are too heavy and too moist (and you like them moist if you're planning on eating them) they are likely to droop or actually fall off the side of your centerpiece. Cake Central shows you how to keep those cupcakes in place and pretty (and eatable!)

I've used long skewers (depending on the container) or if I'm using a base of styrofoam, I use multiple toothpicks, but Sugar Shack has a better idea that won't destroy the bottoms of your pretty cupcakes as much! You know those little plastic cups that your side of salad dressing comes in at a restaurant? These solve your problem! They effectively hold your cupcake in place by propping it up but are relatively invisible too. Depending on the size cupcake, you'll need with 1 oz (for mini's) or 2oz or 5oz for larger cupcakes.

Another trick? Don't try to cover a ball with cupcakes. Instead cut the ball in half so all you are covering is a dome. This keeps you from trying to keep cupcakes on the side of a ball--unattractive because gravity will pull these down and make them droop (or worse, fall off, everytime.)

Another option? Use a container that naturally supports your cupcakes that are at the side on the lower edges.

Oh, and if you want to know where to get those little cups? Sam's Club sells them. Or if you ask your local restaurant, if they use that size they can usually special order them.  I never knew that until one time we were talking to a manager at one of our favorite chain restaurants and saying how much we enjoyed their soup. He said he'd be happy to order some for us to take home the next time he put in an order! Wow! (Ok, not saying he did it for free, but ... it sure beat making soup from scratch on a night I just ran home from work!) Even places like McDonalds will order things for you like ketchup packets--who knew? (This may vary on the franchise, but wow! Learn new things every day!)

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