Saturday, August 11, 2012

Unique Table Numbers - Easy DIY Project

Photo courtesy of OnceWed

Looking for a unique table number? How easy is this! Yes it is EEEBCDI (Easy Enough Even Bill Can Do It.) For those of you who have followed my blog, you know I test out just how easy a project is by getting my husband (a great guy who is just craft-clueless) to see if he can duplicate the project. These table numbers were so simple they rated the EEEBCDI rating! Face it, when you're about to get married you REALLY do not want a complex craft to pull together at the last minute! Also this rating means it's a good project to get your groom involved in. Most guys are not into making frou frou projects, but hey, bread... yeah, they can get into that!

Simple Tutorial on Bread Table Numbers:

1. Go to your favorite fresh bread purveyor (Whole Foods, Panera, Wegmans) and buy a loaf of bread for each table. Choose the size based on the size of your centerpiece you'll be placing your table numbers next to. It shouldn't overwhelm your centerpieces.

2. DO NOT (as one bride suggested to me) shellac your bread! I guarantee if you do SOMEONE will try to eat it (not a great idea.)

3. Either using simple calligraphy (not a guy thing usually) or use a computer program to make your table numbers. Print on heavy weight paper and glue onto a heavier backing so the number stands up straight. (You don't want droopy numbers!)

4. Cut a small slice in the top of the loaf of bread and insert the lower corner into the bread. If you are using a smaller loaf on a large table, make more than one per table so you can see it from every direction.

You can use a long loaf of french bread for your place cards which will keep the theme going! I like this idea for weddings with a rustic theme or a picnic wedding.  

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