Friday, August 31, 2012

Easy DIY Project - Quick, Simple and a No-Brainer!

Looking for an easy to make wedding favor (or even a way to decorate your tables?) Try these simple votive candle holders, wrapped in a thick yellow ribbon bow with a silk daisy hot glued to the ribbon. Simple right? Yes this is an EEEBCDI project. For the non-crafty out there who need a simple project that looks great this is IT! Simple, fast, and ends up looking great. What more could you ask?
**EEEBCDI stands for 'easy enough even Bill can do it.' I test how hard a craft is out on my 'non-crafty' spouse. He really rocked this one! Not to mention for some reason men love hot glue guns! So if you are looking for something your fiance or non-crafty friends can help you with, this is the project for you! Look for other EEEBCI projects throughout my blog.

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