Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chocolate Fondue For You - A Dollar Store Craft

Photo courtesy of A Subtle Revelry
Do you love Dollar Store Crafts? You know I do. Anything that combines saving money with a usually simple to make craft is right up my alley! (And this one has the addded allure of chocolate so, who can say no?) So today I'm sharing a mini fondue pot idea courtesy of A Subtle Revelry.
Do you remember fondue pots? If you grew up in the 70's you are familiar with these pots, (ours was avocado green to match the kitchen and I'm pretty sure my mom got it with Green Stamps...alas, they no longer give those out!) But I digress. Here is a Dollar Store wedding shower favor (or party favor) that is fun and interactive.
Make these inexpensive crafts by combining a mini candle bowl or incense burner, a small piece of chocolate, a tea light and a small square of instructions and a match tied on the top with a small note saying 'a fondue for you.'
Guests can either use these at your party (you can add more chocolates  and things to dip into the chocolate (fruit? cookies? breads?) or send guests home with them. Either way it's a fun favor for a wedding or shower.
How easy is this? This craft earns the EEEBCDI rating. Which followers of my blog know is a rating that stands for 'easy enough even Bill can do it.' This means I've tested this craft out on my non-crafting husband and he has managed to pull it off.  He particularly enjoyed this one (although an awful lot of chocolate disappeared!) So pull in your groom to help with these or even your dad. Yes, men CAN do these!
Combine a small piece of chocolate, a tea light and a miniature candle bowl together. Top it off by tying with a pretty ribbon, a label and a small match to light the flame. (If you can't find a bowl at The Dollar Store try your local craft store, my Michael's had some.) See! It is SIMPLE! And fun and inexpensive! What a great combo! Let me know how much fun  you had with these favors.

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