Friday, September 14, 2012

The Perfect Mini Appetizers You Can Make Yourself

Photo (cover of book by Peter Callahan)
I know, I've posted these cute spaghetti and meatball appetizers before, but at the time I didn't have a recipe for them. As promised, here is the source!
As I was watching television this morning, I came across Kathy Lee and Hoda and these great mini appetizers--and Peter Callahan's book, Bite by Bite. Of course I only saw it at the very end, so I had to scramble to find out the book's name! Here it is.
I'm sure this book is available online but I'm sure it is also available at your local independent bookseller as well. If not, have them order it for you.
(Putting in a plug here for your friendly local independents, support them.  They work hard to provide your community with a gathering place that encourages you and your children to read!) I always like to support my local businesses. Check and see what the closest independent bookseller is to where you live.
If you live in  the Collegeville area, visit Towne Book Center and order one from them if they don't have it in stock. Ask for our favorite bookseller, Pam Brown Margolis, although if she isn't there any of her great associates can help you out.
Can't wait to try these appetizers out on a crowd. Not sure if I'm going to wait for Thanksgiving or just plan a party before then.
I loved the checkerboard that the meatballs on the cover are served on. This is a perfect DIY project that will make your appetizers look even better! Food isn't just about the taste, it's visual too. (And there are no calories in the visual part of eating!)

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