Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tie Bows Like Tiffany's

Photo and tutorial link courtesy of Roxanna at Everyday Treats
Wrapping a wedding gift? Have you always wanted to duplicate those simple but elegant bows that Tiffany & Co. adds to their signature 'little blue boxes?'
Roxanna at Everyday Treats, The Art of Living Well Every Day has the perfect tutorial to help you execute the perfect Tiffany & Co. bow every time. So now you can go into Bed, Bath and Beyond and when you head over to their self-wrapping station with that slippery ribbon you can wrap like a pro and duplicate Tiffany's basic but beautiful bows, taking the look of  your package up several notches. As someone who always fights the 'wrapping battle' especially with satin like ribbons, this tutorial will turn you into a pro in no time.
So thanks to Roxana and Tiffany's for these beautiful bows! Don't forget to take the time to browse through the rest of Everyday Treats to find other special nuggets that you are sure to enjoy as well. (One of my favorites is the one about Coco Chanel.)

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