Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cupcake Topiary - More Ideas For Weddings and Showers

Cupcake topiary, whether they are made by professionals (Like the one above) or a DIY project they never fail to wow your guests. I've posted other cupcake topiary but the one above is a little different.  It's a hydrangea topiary, made the same way the other topiary was (see link) but with a bit of extra pizazz.  Cupcake topiary are hot blog topics so I thought I'd share these with you. 

This professionally made hydrangea cupcake topiary is perfect for a wedding sweet table or a bridal shower.   And while this topiary is decorated with hydrangeas, you could use eatable pansies or other sugar flowers as well.

The hydrangea cupcake topiary is from Lisa Roberts Cakes via the cupcake blog. Visit Lisa's web site to see her variety of great cake options, believe me, this talented cake designer offers her clients in Ontario incredible bespoke cake designs, beautifully hand-crafted wedding cakes (see her blog for some absolutely gorgeous wedding cakes), cookies, cupcakes, and gourmet chocolates.  

Other cupcake topiary have slightly different designs but all have the same basic form and how to directions.  Styrofoam ball or tree shape, cupcakes, toothpicks (use two per cupcake) and a planter, either a clay pot or more decorative planter. Other additions can be added such as in the Alice In Wonderland topiary below.

If you're a bride (or have a groom) who loves chocolate, don't despair! Chocolate topiary can be made as well. The one below from Creative Quality Catering has my mouth watering! No matter which topiary you choose to make your guests will be impressed with your creativity and DIY IQ. 

Can't quite figure out how to make these? Head to YouTube for some easy to follow tutorials on cupcake topiary art.  Hope you have fun! Add your comments below on how your attempts went or add a link with the photos of your artistic endeavors.

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