Friday, September 9, 2011

Blue and Purple Succulents For Your Wedding

I couldn't decide if I should post these on my DIY blog or my blog about flowers, so I'm going to post it both places (sorry if you read both, but I wanted to be sure all my readers saw it.)  As many of you will have noticed if you've been following the wedding sites, succulents are an important pieces for centerpieces, bouquets and wedding favors.  If you use this project you can combine your favors and centerpieces and save some money. Talk about more bang for your buck!  Not only that, you can grow these babies at home if you're really into saving money.  (I have a black thumb but I know most of you don't.)

If you search the Internet for blue and purple succulents you won't find these.  Why? They look real.  In fact they ARE real.  But they've been spray painted! I've never seen spray painted succulents, or any other flowers for that matter, but these rock!  The perfect way to coordinate their colors with to your wedding colors. 

You aren't just limited to these shades, you can use any any shade, any color, any succulent.  So versatile!  Pinks, metallics, yellows, and on and on.  I love the idea of grouping these great colored succulents as a centerpiece all potted individually, and then guests can take them home as wedding favors. 

So head to your local plant store or hardware store, pick up some succulent to use to test your painting skills, and grab some spray paint.  If you have an airbrush machine better yet.  You need a light weight paint and be sure it dries all the way. WATER WITH CARE!  Succulents don't have to be covered completely, but you do want good coverage so the colors pop. Save some paint to use for the succulents you add to your bouquet.  You're wedding flowers are sure to be unique!  Photos from Flowers by Bornay Inspiration.


The Event Divas, LLC said...

They make a special spray paint for fresh flowers that comes in a wide variety of colors and hues. You can find it at Michael's. Make sure it's for fresh and not silk flowers.

She & He said...

Ck out Lily Pulitzer Christmas Flowers for more information on specialized paint for flowers in this blog. Thanks for the info though!

Ashley Marie said...

These are so beautiful, and it is a wonderful way to incorporate the colors of your wedding into the decoration/favors! Thanks for the idea!

Nancy said...

Love my readers who comment! Like you Ashley, I totally fell in love with the ability to pull color into my decor! Hope you'll keep reading. Be sure to use the search feature to find other succulent ideas in my blogs.