Saturday, May 5, 2012

Giant Paper Flowers?

I saw these and gasped... incredible! What a great way to decorate for your wedding! And you can do it all yourself! You'll be surprised at the very basic everyday things used to make these unique flowers. 

These oversized flowers were created by Josh, the CFO of Ruche, and then created in their warehouse.

  • plastic cups
  • cement
  • approx. 5” wide stucco corner
  • approx. 20-gauge tie wire
  • gloves and wire cutters
  • tape, glue, and scissors
  • tissue paper
  • dried moss
  • zip ties
Head over to Designsponge for the rest of the directions. I listed the materials just so you could judge if these were something you could make yourself.  As usual, be sure to read all the comments for great solutions to any questions you might have.

So if you're feeling Alice-in-Wonderland-ish and want that look for  your wedding without breaking the bank, here's the answer. Some people are just soooo creative (nope I did not mean me!).

From Designsponge site:

Our creative team brainstormed ways to turn our spring lookbook, Enchantment, into a daydream. When the idea of oversized flowers came about, we couldn’t wait to make them a reality! Josh, the CFO of Ruche, used his engineering background to design the stems, and with the help of additional Ruche team members, they created them by hand at our warehouse. Surrounded by tissue paper and scissors, our talented set-design interns designed and created the rest of the flower pieces at our warehouse. Once they were finished, the whimsical daydream came to life. The Ruche Team

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