Saturday, May 26, 2012

Handmade Pots

Handmade Pots from Fellow Fellow

Handmade Pots! Perfect for shower or wedding favors, these beauties are made from oven bake clay.  They are easy and perfect what we call "warm fuzzies"--for those times when you want to take or give a gift without expectation or the desire to receive one in return.

Make them in any shape you like, but Fellow, Fellow provides you with templates for the ones in her photos (which makes them even easier!) Her site tells you all the products and tools you need to make these 'pretties' and gives you a step by step tutorial making it simple and easy to follow! Ah! A woman after my own heart!

Fellow, Fellow made her handmade pots for succulents but you could add your favorite flower or self-rooting plant to keep the costs down. Your other option? Plant some seeds and watch them grow! Not so easy to do if you're planning to use them for a shower or wedding favor, but if you are making them with your kids (or face it, just for fun yourself) you have the option and leisure of taking the time to watch them sprout.

Fellow, Fellow also made some plant stakes from the same products, similar tutorial, by using cookie cutters and tongue depressors! I will never match her creativity! So head over and see all the details on her site, as well as some more great DIY projects. Fellow, Fellow, I am in awe! You  make the most creative projects and make them so easy! (and we all know easy is my middle name (when we are talking about crafts.)

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