Friday, May 25, 2012

How Easy Can It Get?

How easy can a centerpiece get? These are easy enough even Bill can do it (EEEBCDI) centerpieces! Floating candles, some faux tropical helicona blossoms and leaves. Wow, I told you, SIMPLE! They are quick to put together and will look great for your fall wedding. (I know it's not fall yet, but if you're having a fall wedding you'd better be planning those centerpieces now.)

This photo and idea  from Save-On-Crafts take a few simple pieces and pulls them all together for a classic fall look.

Don't forget the one thing that makes this centerpiece pop-a Vase Illuminator. What's a vase illuminator? I've linked you to vase illuminator, it's easier to see than explain, and you'll have to buy them somewhere! Or you could use light up glass ice cubes in each vase. Cover the illuminator with a circle of tulle to match your linens or wedding colors. (I vote for linens.)

So if you are a DIY bride who is all thumbs (like the Vecchione's are) try this simple fall centerpiece. Or adapt it to fit the wedding season and flowers of your choice. Save-On-Crafts is a great resource for both the items you need and for ideas.

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