Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gumball Wreath

Gum Ball Wreath! Ingenious! Michelle Paige's blog, called simply Michelle Paige, has the total tutorial for this incredible looking wreath. Not for every bride, but for the bride who is young at heart!

Use lots (and I mean LOTS of glue sticks) and lots of gum balls. A Styrofoam wreath from the craft store for the base and some primer and spray paint (yes these gum balls are PAINTED so they are NOT edible!!!!!) But the spray paint lets you choose your favorite color or have it color coordinate with your wedding or decor.

Michelle warns this is one heavy wreath, so be sure to hang it securely (and use some strong ribbon as a hanger.)

I'm envisioning the other things I can use spray painted gumballs for... topiary, that would look so cool! Round ones, tree shaped ones, the options are only limited by the foam designs you can come up with!

Would love to see this in metallic too. So if you're a bride who gets to this before I do, send pics and I'll post it for everyone to read. 

Let's see, glue, check; not enough gum balls, hit the store; primer, check; metallic paint, check; Styrofoam shapes, hit the craft store... well see you later! Have some errands to run!  Thanks Michelle Paige, these look great!

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