Saturday, June 23, 2012

DIY Dollar Store Centerpiece - Fast and Easy!

DIY project by Martha Stewart, reposted on Afloral

The Dollar Store strikes again! (as does Martha Stewart's creative team!) How great looking are these centerpieces made from vases from The Dollar Store, a single large bloom for each vase, and a votive candle?  Just wire or tie the bloom on the outside of a tall glass vase found at your local Dollar Store (OK this is super easy! Anyone can shop!) Then add a votive candle to the center of the vase. Set it on a square base to protect your table from direct heat from the candle and voila! (Oh and it helps to have either long matches or a long Bic lighter to make lighting those votives fast and easy!)

This is a DIY project that is EEEBCDI!( Easy Enough Even Bill Can Do It). Bill is my husband who tests my DIY projects to see just how easy they REALLY are. He's a man more comfortable with his circular saw than a hot glue gun, flowers and candles, but even he pronounced this craft 'easy' and he really liked the price point! So even if you aren't the 'crafty type' these centerpieces are simple and quick to put together. You'll spend the most time choosing your flowers and getting to the store!

Not only does this make a great centerpiece for your wedding or shower, but if you are having pre- or post-wedding parties at your home, maybe barbecuing in your back yard, these vases act as hurricanes, keeping your candles lit even on the breeziest days!

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