Monday, June 11, 2012

DIY Nail Art From The Dollar Store

The perfect nail art, it is easy to do all by yourself at home! What do you need? Your favorite shape hole punch (right from the Dollar Store), a base coat, favorite polish, sealer, contrast color for design, and masking tape.

Just punch out a shape or design on masking tape. I told you--SIMPLE! It might take a few tries because of the stickiness of the tape, but keep trying. (My Dollar Store had a heart punch for it's steal of a price, you got it, a dollar!)

Attach the tape with the design cutout to your nail firmly, otherwise your polish will bleed.

Apply your contrast polish. This is when you can get as creative as you like. Add glitter, dots, animal prints anything you can think of! It's easy to do because your manicure is covered by the masking tape so it is impossible to mess this up!

Slowly peel off tape. Very gently. Very slowly, after about a minute of dry time. Soft and slow will keep you from messing up your manicure. Then add you sealant. You can keep using the same piece of masking tape over and over.

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