Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Take 'Em Out To The Ballgame!

Are you having a bachelor party that starts at your local major league baseball stadium? As a Philadelphia fan I can see these being a HUGE hit with Phillies fans! Want to make some unique do it yourself invitations? Take a look at these bachelor party invitations from Brooklyn Limestone! Interesting no? Whether you use them for a bachelor party or a party for your son or daughter's ball team these are fun to make and fun to receive!

For directions head on over to Brooklyn Limestone. Never visited "Brooklyn" before? You are in for a creative treat! You'll find not just these invitations but a lot of other great diy ideas that are fun to make and fun to use! Just because "Brooklyn" thought these up doesn't mean you can't make them for your favorite local team! Just use your imagination!

Having your wedding at the local stadium? I know some baseball fans do. Why not use the same idea for your wedding invitations? Sure it's more work than just printing out some paper invitations, but don't you want your wedding to be memorable?

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