Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Leather Cuffs For Your Bridesmaids

Char at Crap I've Made... has a great tutorial on how to make these upscale edgy leather cuffs that make great bridesmaid gifts or great jewelry for the bride who wants to add an urban edge to her wedding day.

I've done posts on Dollar Store DIY projects, but I may need to start considering doing some from Claire's. That's where Char got some of the bling on these leather cuffs. She has some other sources listed on her site too!

Hobby Lobby or the Leather Store is the source for the leather strap for the cuff. Char has several ways to dye the leather depending on the color you are looking to achieve. I can't decide whether I like the blinged out versions or the ones with the roses...hmmm..what do you think?

Char said she got the idea while visiting the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft where she saw similar cuffs being sold for $130! Wow! These are much more cost concious, but if you don't feel like going the craft route you can probably contact the museum to buy one of the upscale cuffs.

She recommends Hobby Lobby as a great source for your leather making goods like the leather cuff and the leather string and dye, so if you aren't an experienced leather worker who has their own source you know where to go. I suspect your local craft store might also carry some of the items you need.

The bling came from Claire's (that mall store filled with cheap and occasionally tacky jewelry) but any of those teen clothing stores probably carry something that would work. Char used some of those stretchy rings that you see everywhere that were on clearance.

So head out to get your leather cuff and bling and get to work creating works of art for your bridesmaids or for you to wear at your wedding. For a complete tutorial visit Crap I've Made...sometimes it's amazing and sometimes it's just crap...


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