Monday, June 25, 2012

DIY Pretty Feet For Brides and Bridesmaids from The Dollar Store

Photo and tutorial link at Andrea's Bow Cottage

It's time for another dollar store DIY project. First let me say while previous Dollar Store projects have been EEEBCDI(**Easy Enough Even Bill Can Do It) this is NOT!

Maybe it's just that braiding skills aren't something most men grow up learning how to do or maybe it's just decorating with ribbons, but he had a tough time with this (or at least the final product is NOT one you'd want to wear, although kudos to him for his valiant attempt! Thanks Bill!)

The whole tutorial is on Andrea's Bow Cottage where you'll find still more photos and a complete tutorial so you can make some of these cute flip flops for your bridesmaids (or you can make them together as a group) so everyone has comfortable footwear for dancing. Andrea used flip flops from her local Dollar Store to make these pretty braided flip flops.

Face it, those five inch heels look pretty, but not many of us want our toes squashed for an long, long wedding day! So get a pretty pedicure with some pretty polish and wear these flip flops with flair!

Close up photo and tutorial link at Andrea's Bow Cottage

**EEEBCDI stands for DIY projects that are "Easy Enough Even Bill Can Do It" This lets brides know that even if they are DIY impaired, or if they want to grab their groom and get some help, these projects are good choices. My husband who is NOT craft-oriented has tested any project listed as EEEBCDI so there's no second guessing about how tough the project is. He has lots of great skills but he is NOT into crafts of any kind (unless he gets to play with the electricity or plumbing, for some reason he CAN do that!)

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