Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Cookie App At Your Apple App Store In August

Bisquites App in the Apple App Store in August 2012

Do you love to make cookies? Fancy cookies? What the Brits call bisquites? This App will walk you through how to make different designs, and will include everything from videos to shopping lists to recipes.

It also lets you share recipes with friends and family! Sounds like the perfect App for the bride-to-be (or her maid of honor!) Visit the Apple App store in August and get your own App and get baking!

If you'd like to find out more about Bisquites, visit their web site at http://www.bisquites.co.uk.

Table Numbers - An Easy DIY Project

Can't decide on what to use for table numbers but really don't want those ho-hum framed numbers? Why not make these DIY table numbers. They give your wedding a modern look and are easy to transport to your wedding (no worry about broken glass!)

How to make them?

OK, I'm sure you can figure it out for yourself but here goes:

Squares of wood
Black paint
sand paper
House numbers (to match the table numbers)

Just cut out the wooden squares (your hardware store may be willing to cut yours for you, my Home Depot did, but no guarantees). Sand the edges with sandpaper till smooth.Sand the flat areas as well. Paint (use whatever color you like, we used black, but there's no reason you can't use neon or pastels). Then screw or tack on the table numbers. (Depending on the brand they'll come with screws or little tacks.)

Be sure your wood is thick enough to hold the tacks without going through the opposite side.  Fine sanding will make this project look upscale, so take your time and do it right!

This is an EEEBCDI (Easy Enough Even Bill Can Do It) project. (for those of you who read my blog you know I test projects for easiness by having my husband, Bill try them out!) He said he could have cut the squares himself (and your groom may be able to as well, or you could), but we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you. So for the bride looking for an easy DIY project that her significant other can take on, this can make him feel like he's part of the wedding without having to handle girly stuff like tulle!

Have fun! You have to admit they really look great!

Be sure to check out Scratch Weddings if you are looking for a DJ. Their site has a lot of good ideas even if you are out of their usual area. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Wedding Favor You Can Make Yourself


Having a summer wedding? Love organic foods? Fresh baked goods? Then this combo is for you. Send your guests home with small baskets filled with fresh organic strawberries (I get mine from Whole Foods Market) and make some fresh scones and wrap them in cellophane. Yum! Oh, and don't forget to line your basket with some parchment paper (you can pick some up in any grocery store, look near the foil and plastic wrap).  Add a pretty note, either stamp it for decorations for print a pretty note using colored ink.

Now no matter how late your wedding runs, your guests will have breakfast ready for the next morning! How convenient and thoughtful!

This is a favor you can have fun putting together with your friends or you can even rope your groom into this one. Yes, it's EEEBCDI tested. (For those new to my blog, this stands for Easy Enough Even Bill Can Do It.  Bill is my husband who I use to test DIY projects on to see if ANYONE really can make it.) The hardest part, keeping him from snacking while packing!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Planning A Bridal Shower? Need A Theme?

Throwing a shower and can't decide on a theme? Why not base it on a color? Or type of color.  The photo above uses neon colors to throw a great party. In this case they are looking for an 80's look.

What can you take from this? No matter what color you are using the five vases on the table runner filled with gebera daisies (also in bright colors) catch your eye are are really easy to make! You can choose to either color the water (wow simple right?) or use some acrylic paints and just swirl it around a tall glass or Dollar Store vase.

And see that flower pot to the right in the photo above from Nest of Posies? Just another simple trick to make yourself! It is a painted flower pot decorated with bright rick rack.  (All it takes is a little glue, rick rack and a painted flower pot and coaster under it) How simple can it be? (Oh and don't forget to add the potted flowers!)

So if you can't come up with a theme for a bridal shower, make your color scheme the theme! It allows for lots of DIY projects. (It is also easy to use these ideas for any kind of party you might be throwing!) I'd love to use these votives at Christmas time, or the vases with with a single red or white rose or even carnations if you are budget conscious.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Seashell Bouquet You Can Make Yourself

Having a beach wedding? Why not make your own bouquet. And from what else? Seashells! How pretty is this bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings? Some silk, shells, and hot glue and you're good to go. For exact directions go to Martha Stewart Weddings.

Perfect for that beach wedding on the beach! (Though if you are leaving the United States make sure you can take the shells into the country!)

You can get the shells from Caribbean Imports.  Not sure you want this color? No problem! Caribbean Imports has shells in a variety of colors.

This is so simple to make! The toughest part? Parallel parking at the craft store to pick up some glue sticks!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DIY Fancy Envelopes For Invites

Martha Stewart Weddings has a great idea for brides who are making their own wedding invitations. How about trying out these wallpaper envelopes? Just open up the shape envelope you need and lay it on the wallpaper.  Lightly trace the outline in pencil. on the plain side of the wallpaper. Cut out along lines. Use a Martha Stewart Bone Folder (available from Michael's Craft Store) to mimic the envelope's creases on the wallpaper cutout. Re-assemble and secure the envelope with all-purpose glue. Let dry! And you are ready to roll!

One hint: don't buy pre-pasted wallpaper!

Make Butterfly Petit Fours Yourself!

Having a bridal shower and want to make some pretty butterfly petit fours? Try this recipe for Apricot Petit Fours from Pillsbury! The butterfly wings are sliced almonds, the yellow 'body' orange peel. These are so so good! And pretty too! For the recipe from Pillsbury click here.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

DIY Invitations For Your Wedding

Pash Weddings has a selection of DIY wedding invitation designs that are FREE! Yes, for the budget minded bride choosing a wedding invitation suite that is designed for free will definitely keep the budget for invitations in line.

Not only that, but each suite offers:

  • Save the Date Card
  • Wedding Invitation
  • Wedding Party Card
  • Reception Card
  • Response Card
  • Program Cover
  • Placecards/Escort Cards
  • Table Card
  • Menu
  • Favor Tags
  • Thank You Cards

  • Everything you could possibly need for wedding stationary! The selection is growing so keep going back if you did find anything you loved initially.

    Wednesday, July 18, 2012

    DIY Flower Girl Petticoat

    I try not to re-post Martha ideas because I figure it is the one blog you are already reading. But just in case you didn't dig deeply enough to find this one I wanted to bring it to your attention. I know, petticoats have gone out of fashion but they look perfect for this little girl's flower girl dress.

    Here is the link to Martha's tutorial.  Check out the lace iron on, think what else you could make with this with a little re-sizing... hmm...

    Lace details on the flower girl's petticoat can also be made by printing on heat-transfer paper and ironing onto the petticoat fabric.

    Monday, July 16, 2012

    Rustic Succulent Centerpieces

    Succulents can be used as centerpieces, part of a bridal bouquet or for almost any other decoration for your wedding day. They are especially great for weddings with a southwestern or Mexican theme.

    I love how the photo above combines the use of pinto beans and succulents. The pinto beans almost look like pieces of rock from the desert and the flowers add some color to make the display pop.

    Then reverse the combination for the bridal bouquet, more flowers than succulents. Wow!

    Sunday, July 15, 2012

    DIY Pastel Meringues

    All photos From Decor8 blog

    Need some pretty accents for your wedding? Try these pastel meringes! The link to Decor8 shows you how to make your own and pipe them out.

    So easy! But so pretty at the same time. Add them to a pretty box with a doily and they make a great hostess gift.

    His and Her Toasting Flutes

    Loving the look of these toasting flutes for your wedding reception! A little ribbon, a little tulle, a little bling, a bow and some edging and you have it made!

    Why spend hundreds on Waterford or Lenox flutes that could get broken in transit or by staff at your reception. Enjoy these and have fun making them too.

    Saturday, July 14, 2012

    I'm Ready Tooo Parrrrtay! Bachelorette Party That Is

    Want to make your own invitations for a bachelorette party? Just print this on the front of fold overs and add the date, time and details inside.

    Sometimes you just want an invitation that everyone hasn't already 'done!' These are easy and inexpensive (not to mention they'd make me laugh if I got one in the mail.) Which seals the deal for me!

    Wednesday, July 11, 2012

    Easy Hurricane Centerpieces

    This DIY wedding centerpiece is so simple it doesn't even need directions! Perfect for an outdoor wedding with a sleek and simple look to it. For the bride who wants to stand out and who doesn't want to be overwhelmed by floral displays, this is it! Photo from Pinterest

    Tuesday, July 10, 2012

    Fall Dollar Store Decor

    I admit, I'm getting into fall theme weddings with a lot of pumpkin ideas, but this one? This one is for my youngest daughter. She loves all things leopard (much to my dismay!) Leopard Print Pumpkins!

    This isn't something new. She's been in love with leopard prints since middle school (I won't say what year that was but it's been a long, long time!)

    So this year for Halloween I'm making her these beauties. Must admit, I don't hate leopard on pumpkins as much as I did on those stretch pants she once tried to talk me into buying for her (not on my 5th grader!) (I now know just why schools say "Uniforms Only!")

    To make these all you need is some Mod Podge, leopard design tissue paper and some decorations for the tops of these Dollar Store pumpkins.

    If you're a bride who loves living on the edge (or are a leopard lover like my daughter) feel free to use these for your wedding (although I'd be more likely to just use them to decorate the house for fall guests). But keep in mind, if you can do it with leopard tissue paper you can do it with some of the lace look tissue paper or other designs. So give it a try! 

    Your Dollar Store and Craft Store are the only place to shop for the needed items for this project. And you can probably make your own version of Mod Podge if you surf the net to find the recipe.  I love Dollar Store Decor! If you can't find tissue paper to please you in the Dollar Store just search online, there are huge selections for every taste!

    This certainly rates as one of the most unusual decorations you can make from the Dollar Store!

    30 Second DIY Mini Vase

    Want a fast and easy way to make mini vases for a shower or dinner party? This unbelievable mini vase is made from a 2" glass and a BALLOON!

    How do you make it? Just stretch a cut the top of the neck off a balloon  over a small 2" glass (votive size), tuck the neck of the balloon inside, and voila! You have a simple but modern looking pretty vase.

    You can change the colors at will and for just a few cents! Set up a row of the same color or vary the colors, it's up to you. Photo and idea from Curbly.  Visit this link to see more photos if you are having trouble 'getting it all together!'

    This vase works for a variety of places from a casual at home party, a wedding shower or even a college dorm! You never know where you'll see these pretty vases!

    Pumpkin Sparkling Votive Centerpieces

    Planning a fall wedding? Need a pretty way to show off some fall produce? Try this idea from Twig and Thistle. They almost look like they are covered with sparkling cinnamon! But it's really more mundane than that. Visit Twig and Thistle and find out how to make these for your fall wedding. I know, I know, it's early summer yet, but if you're having an October wedding it's time to get any DIY projects out of the way and finished, ready for the big day!

    Loook for other great pumpkin ideas for fall weddings on my blog. Some use white pumpkins (real or those great fakes from your craft store.)

     I was at a meeting of bloggers last night and one of the bloggers was telling me ,about their wedding which was a Halloween wedding (so of course, prime pumpkin time!) Her husband to be carved "Mr. and Mrs. ... " into a jack-o-lantern--I wish I had a photo of it, it sounded spectacular! Other more generic jack-o-lanterns decorated some of the rest of the venue.

    So as you can see, pumpkins can be anything you want them to at your wedding! So get planning!  Here is a list of links in my blogs for other pumpkin or gourd ideas--one is sure to fit your wedding plans!

    Bride Loves Groom? Ya Think?

    From Etsy.com

    Want a handwritten look for your envelopes without having to write dozens of invitations or thank you note envelopes?  Why not try this personalized stamp made by Etsy artist, Patricia Mumau and sold in her Etsy shop, Primele. Primele is co-owned with her sister, Rachael. Visit them for all your invitation and stationary needs.

    Choose a stamp like the one above with the groom (heart) bride's first names with their new address or one with a stamp that is more generic with just Mrs. John Jones and her address.  Lots of choices, but this one with the heart in the center is perfect for wedding stationary.

    You can probably get one at your local stationary store as well, just ask wherever you purchase  your invitations. Or put the purchase on your bridal registry. Love the red ink with thank you notes for weddings. My daughter is getting married Valentine's Day, so it would be even more perfect for her! Maybe this will be one of those little gifts I sneak into her gifts for her new apartment to make writing thank yous easier.