Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jimmies and WHAT? You Must Be Kidding Was My First Thought!

When I first saw this picture I thought it was just someone using colored sand--and thought 'big deal, nothing new there.' But then I looked a little closer and realized I was wrong--it wasn't sand at all! It was JIMMIES! COLORED JIMMIES! Still, I was skeptical at best.  I thought jimmies and what? CANDLES? Wow, what a bizarre combination!  But The Better Decorating Bible offers the DIY'er a new way to combine candles and of all things CAKE SPRINKLES (aka Jimmies) for great decorating accents for your wedding.  I must admit I would never have thought of purchasing sprinkles in bulk and using them to surround some candles in heat tempered glass.  But WOW it sure lets you easily adjust the project to fit the colors of your wedding and adds some zing to your DIY'ing.  Be sure to anchor the candles in the bottom of the glass as well as surround them tightly with the sprinkles.  While the ones shown here are in red, white and blue you can use any color combination that works for you.  For info on how to make your own custom colored jimmies visit Wedding Cookies, one of my other blogs for step by step directions. Be sure to buy slow burning candles so they last the length of your reception.  Or use candles that run on batteries just to be safe.  I admit, I'm still shaking my head, wondering how the heck they ever thought of this one!  Just goes to show in DIY'ing no product can't be used in ways it was NEVER intended to be used!  What's next?  I almost shudder to think!


Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy and Bill! Its Suzy Q from Better Decorating Thanks for linking to my blog and featuring my DIY project. You have an amazing site! Keep it up!

Best of luck,

Suzy Q

Nancy Vecchione and Bill Vecchione said...

Hi Suzy! Must admit, at first I couldn't quite believe my eyes, but then I thought, what genius! Anytime you'd be interested in guest posting let me know. I'd be happy to have you.