Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Decorate with Beans?

You're having your wedding at an older home and need to decorate the mantle for a fall wedding... what can you do?  Other than the obvious floral options, try some of these ideas from A Pop of Pretty.  Not planning a wedding? No problem.  These ideas will be perfect for any fall occasion. 

Beans, beans and more beans!  The photo above from A Pop of Pretty's web site gives you the layering look I like best, but feel free to adapt it to suit you.  Any color combination will work.  Make it as complex or simple as you like.  I recommend using at least 3 layers for color contrast.  Add the tiny pumpkins or some gourds to the top.

For a more color coordinated look, you can actually dye navy beans.  I like the natural look, but if you have to have matchy-matchy--by all means dye them!

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