Sunday, October 23, 2011

DIY Simple Vegetable Centerpieces

Fall is the perfect season to use items from your produce department (or your home garden) or your yard to make your own simple and easy centerpieces.  Sherri Reed from The Stir shows you just how to do it. 

I love using the tiny white pumpkins in a white wooden bowl for a wedding.  Add some white berries, some pine cones and some greenery--voila!  Having your wedding closer to Thanksgiving? Use orange pumpkins and red berries instead of the white. 

Want to add a homey look to your tablescape? Add autumn fruits like pomegranates and persimmons to make a simple fall/Thanksgiving wedding table decoration.   

Looking for an easy and VERY inexpensive idea for your table? Visit Paper, Plate and Plane for a tutorial on how to create these carved butternut squash blossoms. Totally blew me away with just how EASY this is! What do you need to make this? Nothing fancy.  A paring knife and easy could it be? Jeromina Juan, the author of this how to on Paper, Plate and Plane quotes a price of $2.40 for three squash (granted that was 2010, but...even with inflation) that make these the least expensive centerpiece around!

Next time you're outside in your yard or walking through the produce section stop and think, what could I make with this?  Plan color combinations and textures to please the eye and touch.  Make your wedding centerpieces and tablescapes look like a million dollars. 

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