Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Love, Art and Your Living Room Wall

Love is Art is a kit by the company of the same name that I found in my email sent by Daily Candy.  What is it you ask?  It's a kit that comes with everything you need to make your own piece of abstract art -- while you are--uh... being intimate with your loved one shall we say.  The concept is based on the performance art of Andy Warhol and the abstract expressionism of Yves Klein. 

You get a roll of canvas, a special kind to your skin paint and something to help clean the paint off with after the fact.  I have to admit the whole idea made me laugh--I can just see me blushing as I do NOT explain to Great Grandma or the parents the 'where it came from and what it is' which is sure to be asked! You get custom slippers (to put on after you've finished your art of creation) and a body scrubber to get all the paint off.  I can hear my husband now...we're WHAT!!!!!!!!????? But it's all in the name of love.  After you finish 'painting' (wow I'll never use that word the same way again!) you shower, let the paint dry, and then take the canvas out to be stretched onto a frame and hang it proudly on your living room wall.  You are the next Andy Warhol! 




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