Friday, July 8, 2011

Make Your Own Gift Bags

The Toymaker has several different designs for DIY gift bags for any occasion, but perfect for wedding or shower favors.  Yes, I know, it says Toymaker, but her graphics are great! and the PDF files at her web site are free and easy to use.  It will take a little time to put them together, but if you like crafting, it isn't hard to do.  We all know my craft skills are nil... and I managed to put together bags I wouldn't be ashamed to hand to a guest on my 2nd try...(yeah, I admit, it took me 2 tries, but I tried to shortcut the directions... I should know better!).  Visit The Toymaker and find several other designs, as well as some great designs for boxes (these take a little more work though). Her site also has lots of fun paper toys that you could add to a children's table to keep them busy.  Drop The Toymaker a note of thanks if you use her files.

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