Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weddzilla Gives The Down Low on DIY Wedding Flowers

Phtoto courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes (head on over and see their great posts!)

The Flower Diva on Weddzilla has a great post about to do or not to do your own wedding flowers.  I can't recommend this post enough.  It's great reading and a must read if you are planning on doing your own flowers.  Doing your own flowers IS a lot of work.  You can't just pull it off the night before your wedding and expect to enjoy your wedding or rehersal dinner.  You can't do it alone--unless you plan to spend some time in the looney bin.  So read the article, it gives better advice very succinctly about DIY and weddling flowers than I ever could.  Also the author wrote "The Do It Yourself Wedding Flower Guide, a workbook with step by step instructions and (5) DVD’s explaining and showing you how to do ALL of your wedding flowers on your own.  Something you might consider investing in if you are planning to do your own flowers and have no pro experience or aren't a natural with flowers.  Don't take my word for it, but just do a trial run and test how long it takes to do just one--then make a decision about whether you think it's worth it to save the money. 

(I have no affiliation w/Weddzilla or The Flower Diva and get no money for recommending her book and DVDs.)

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