Thursday, July 14, 2011

Decorative Washi Tape and Candles

This idea is courtesy of the creative group over at Martha Stewart Weddings! What is Washi Tape? It's pretty and decorative masking tape from Japan (or if you're looking locally check out Pretty Tape at  It comes in a variety of colors and designs some of which are sure to suit your wedding decor.  Vary the heights and diameter of the glass containers and add votives and voila! This is Wedding Queen easy! The hardest part is putting the tape on straight and/or choosing the tape to use--indecisive is my middle name! If your venue doesn't allow you to light candles pick up some battery operated ones.  Be sure to use Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons or some for other stores to keep you costs down.  And test out the glass you are using to be sure it won't break when you light the candles (and leave them lit for five or six hours).  Some glass just won't take the heat.  Good luck!  And check out Martha's web site for lots of other great ideas for your wedding-there isn't anything they don't cover there!

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