Friday, July 1, 2011

Invitations With A Personal Touch

Kimberly, a guest blogger on Snob on a Budget, and who has her own web page about her wedding and wedding festivities at Our Bermuda Wedding and Philadelphia Celebration, wrote about some parts of her wedding that she opted to do herself or with her family. 

One DIY or do it with help project Kimberly did was her invitations to her reception in Philadelphia and her Save The Dates.  They are a total work of art! Her great aunt is an artist and did the artwork on her invitations and Save The Dates.  Her mother designed stamps for her Save The Dates.

This is one example of why it's important to think about the skills of friends and family and see if they'd be willing to help with your wedding planning.  Kimberly's great aunt helped her make her invitations something her guests will remember and saved Kimberly the cost of formal invitations that would not have been nearly as impressive.  She also offered design tips along the way.  Her artistic mother (must run in the family) designed stamps for her Save The Dates using, again saving dollars and done with love. 

Paying someone to do what her great aunt and mother did for her out of love would wreck the budgets of most cost conscious brides(and who isn't watching their budgets?)  And the keywords in that sentence is 'did out of love.'  How nice to have parts of your wedding represent the love you and your family or friends have for each other.  I'm not sure what I liked more, the invitations and stamps themselves or the sentiment that was attached to each invitation and Save The Date Kimberly sent out.  They all said 'Kimberly and her husband-to-be are loved.'  What better message to send to your guests!  I hope all brides can send a similar message to their guests.  Kudos to Kimberly and her family!  They know how to celebrate what family is all about!

As a native of the Philadelphia area I'm familiar with the ship where she had her reception and the rendition of it is gorgeous! I'm sure other Philly brides are wishing they could adopt her great-aunt and her mom for DIY projects!

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