Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Are You The Bride Of Frankenstein?

Planning a Halloween wedding? Looking for some unique (and they definitely are that) photos to use to identify your table assignments? The site, Wicked Halo, has a selection of Bride of Frankenstein photos from the historic to the off the wall. Why not borrow the pumpkin mobile above (found on Wicked H.) and drive over to Wicked Halo and see some of the other possibilities.  There's more than one post so be sure to check them all out.  There are old movie posters or TV icons (who will forget Marge Simpson as the Bride!) as well as cartoon characters. Whether you're into modern or historic brides there's something for everyone. Print 2 copies of each photo and spray glue it onto a hard backing, then place the second copy on the back and glue that in place, you then place these on tables. Make table assignments (OK we all know this is one of the hardest decisions you have to make but suck it up!).  Next add a tiny pic of the photo to the corner of each place card so people can identify their table. 

These likely won't appeal to the traditional conservative bride but you never know!  Halloween can bring out your spookiest inner fantasies! These are AICDI  projects (any idiot can do it)(should have made that AICDIEM (any idiot can do it even me) as long as they know how to print, spray glue, re-size photos, and download.  If you know of any other photos of the BOF post a link to it in the comment section.  Would you use these at your wedding (if it was a Halloween wedding?)--tell us all about what your plans are.

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