Friday, September 23, 2011

Planning Your Color Scheme

Feeling challenged about planning your color scheme for your wedding? Can't decide what colors will compliment each other? Fortunately there are actually web sites to help you make those critical decisions, and best of all, they're FREE! (Free is my favorite word in wedding planning.)  You can also put together your own set of swatches if you don't like the options offered by the designers who have created color palettes just for weddings. 

Try ColourLovers.  I have to admit, this is one of those sites that sucked me into playing with it for hours! Between looking at what other people had created and looking for new colors for my web site, this site is a real bonus even if you're NOT a bride. Look for the specific areas for 'weddings' but check other areas too.  Color is color, and a palette that works for a business site might work for your wedding too.  Whether you're planning an elegant white tie wedding or you're a BOHO bride, this site will work for you

The other site Kuler is actually Adobe® Kuler™, (but since I don't want to have to add the Trademark etc. I'll just refer it it as Kuler.)  Kuler has a lot of options depending on your skill set.  If you're just looking for colors there is a part that looks like a combination of paint chips. You can combine colors or see what others have already done.  Love this for planning flowers and accents in bouquets. If you're more of a techie they offer other options for you to work with plus how to videos. (Way past my graphics abilities).

I'm sure there are other color planning sites out there, but I thought these would get you started! But be sure you start on a day you have a lot of time, you can spend hours looking at the creation of others and then trying your own.  It's kind of like a great bookstore--you just don't want to leave!

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