Thursday, September 22, 2011

Faking Louboutin -- With A Little Help From Michaels Crafts

Christian Louboutin's Deja Vu Sling Backs immediately caught my eye (oops! well you know what I mean, let's just say attention).  These patent leather high heels are covered with tiny eyes.  Yes, that's what I said - EYES.  If you're planning a black and white wedding and are looking for some attention getting shoes to wear these are it! But the price is a hefty $1500--Ouch!

But the good news is you can duplicate these shoes (or at least closely enough that no one but you will know! Face it, they're all going to be looking at your rockin' shoes, not checking to see if they're the real thing!)

You can find faux footwear at this site or run a search under 'peep toe platform sling backs.'  There's quite a selection, so choose the heel height and price point that fits your foot and your budget.  Clean the surface so the eyes will adhere.

Next head over to Michael's or your favorite craft store and pick up some packets of those little eyes (you know the ones, you see them on kids' crafts).  Attach them to the shoes and voila! Some fun faux Louboutin's for way under the $1500 price tag.  I

Want them to look even more like Louboutin's ? Add red to the soles. Paint is tricky to keep on, you might try something like those sticky shelf papers in Louboutin's signature red.  Warning, I didn't try this part out, but it's something to consider.  I'd try it on an old pair of throw away shoes to see how it works first. 

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