Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Digital Print Booties--They Aren't For The Faint of Heart

Want to rock your wedding day look with some wild digital print booties by Mary Katrantzou and Christian Louboutin? OK, they are a bit over the top for most brides but painting your own shoes with delicate floral designs and vines would suit even the most conservative bride who is looking for shoes she can really kick her heels up in on her wedding day. Or MK's design of booties with glitter and pearl studs (seen below) might be more up your alley--and easier to replicate.  If you're looking for handpainted shoes for your groom check out Alexander McQueen's splatter shoes.  The tutorial for those is on The Dandy Project

MK booties with pearls--Photo from The Dandy Project

I'll be the first to admit this is not my usual AICDI (any idiot can do it) DIY project.  If you aren't artistic to begin with you're probably better off purchasing you shoes from an artist who is. But if you want to try out painting your own shoes or boots read all about how to do it here at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply. I have to admit, I was entranced with the idea of putting my personal stamp on my shoes.  If one day you don't find any more posts on my blogs I'll probably be off trying my hand at painting shoes! 

MK boots w/glitter

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply gives a great step by step tutorial guided by Anthony Hoffman, a professional shoe painter who has done shoes for Broadway shows like Wicked, Shrek and Hairspray. OK, I know for sure my shoes will be outclassed by his but what the heck!

Alexander McQueen Splatter Shoes For Men 2010 collection
The tutorial is easy enough not to scare me off (even if it probably should) but is complex enough that it helps shoe artists and would-be shoe artists at all levels. 

Anthony's final suggestion is an acronym from journalist Don Hewitt: “KISS” = Keep It Simple, Stupid! That bit of advice is one that I plan to follow.  (Wow, I think that's the most different  acronyms ever used in one of my posts!) 

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