Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lacey Looking Lighting--Perfect For Your Wedding

What sold me on this project? Sure it's pretty, feminine and would look great at either a wedding or wedding shower, but picture number 1, with a CHILD doing it sold me! As my readers know I'm not someone who can pull off  DIY projects that require major talent or skills.  My favorite projects require me to read directions (or better yet, just look at pictures), shop for or find items needed, and be finished in an hour.  No muss, no fuss.  Or at least not much.  Since this one looked like a child could pull it off I was sure it was 'wedding queen proof'--no way I could screw it up!  But just to be sure I put it to the ultimate test--my husband.  The man can wire the house and pull off all sorts of projects that I would never consider attempting, but give him a craft project--it better be easy for him to be able to do it. I'm happy to report, the Wedding King (his name is Bill btw) managed to pull this project off with ease! WTG Bill(and thanks for the help cleaning up)!  Aside from how easy this DIY project is, it re-purposes items you already have, perfect for the bride planning a green wedding.

For specific directions on how to manage to put together this great light effect step by step use this link.  If you have any problems executing this project be sure to read the comments on the original page, it may show you where you went wrong.  I guess we just lucked out first time around by sheer luck! These photos are from this link.

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