Saturday, September 24, 2011

Marzipan Acorns, Perfect for Fall Weddings (Another AICDI Project)

Marzipan acorns! This creative idea that captures all the glory of autumn and was created by the DIY mavens on Martha Stewart Weddings web site.  You can make these pretty faux acorns to add to your sweet table to tempt even the most finicky guest. 

Tint the marzipan a pale green using food coloring and form into the shape of acorns. Don't forget to add the stems. (After you've made a few, you'll have it down to a science). Top each acorn with some bittersweet chocolate and dip them in chocolate sprinkles.  The bittersweet chocolate crowns help to balance out the sweetness of the faux acorn. 

Serve on individual faux leaves (available in most craft or home stores) (I purchased some at Home Goods) or serve on platters at your guests' tables after dinner.  It's always nice to have something sweet to finish your meal at a wedding or wedding shower.

Difficulty rating: AICDI (Any Idiot Can Do It).

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