Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rustic Floating Candles And Flowers

Looking for a new way to use candles and flowers that works in for a DIY wedding with a rustic theme? Try these! Float the candles on top of flowers in glass.  This allows you to use inexpensive flowers since each bloom doesn't need to be perfect, just colorful.  Great for a DIY tablescape or for lining an aisle.  Just be sure your glass won't explode from the heat of the candles. I've seen this happen, it's not a pretty site!

This project is simple to execute by even the least talented DIY wedding crafter--my favorite kind!  I'm sure some of you whizzes out there could ramp this up even more, but I like this simple look, especially for a rustic wedding. Comments welcome, even from the whizzes--who can always show me up!  Photos courtesy of this site, check it out, it's full of all sorts of inspiration for your wedding day.

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