Sunday, October 23, 2011

Good As Gold - Serving Desserts In Golden Shells

Looking for a way to wow your guests? Try serving your dessert in these golden egg shells! You could try to make our own (sounds like a lot of work to me) or just make your own fillings and cookies and buy your shells from FancyFlours

These shells by Confiseur are sold on FancyFlours website and they are completely sterilized, finely cut and precisely manipulated to offer a smooth and perfect edge. (This is why I don't attempt to make these myself!) 

The shells are available in natural white, brown, silver and gold sprayed, they are perfect for either hot or cold fillings, sweet or savory ingredients or any other kind of application imaginable.

Makes an absolutely stunning presentation for your dessert table or tray. Set of 10 perfectly cut egg shell vessels.

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