Friday, October 21, 2011

DIY Project for Outdoor Brides

Photo courtesy of Blue Canary Events Blog
Photographer: Ashlee at Documentary Associates

Having an outdoor wedding and worried about sinking into the grass in your high heels? The bride and groom in this photo, Meghan and Stephen, had a fabulous idea, easily executed in plywood with a little pink paint.  (Choose your colors yourself to compliment your wedding decor).  The bride and groom stood on interlinked hearts, the bridesmaids on single hearts. 

Simple, effective, and inexpensive decorations for outdoor weddings. It won't be long before those companies that rent you those pink flamingos or storks delivering babies that people put in their front yard will have these in stock. 

Until then, it's a DIY project that you and your groom can do together. (or your the father of the bride and groom)

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