Tuesday, October 4, 2011

DIY Bridal Party Survival Kit

Every bride and bridesmaid should have a survival kit.  You can buy a Bridal Party Survival Kit pre-made but it's easy enough to put these together with your bridal party in mind.  What should your bridal party survival kit contain? Advil/Tylenol or your favorite pain reliever is a must.  Between all the stress of the day of the wedding and all the pre-wedding festivities pain relievers in the Bridal Party Survival Kit are a must.  Band Aids for the blisters that are inevitable from all the new shoes your bridal party is wearing.  One, if not all of your bridal party will need this necessary item in your Bridal Survival Kit.  Shout Wipes.  OK, here I have to admit there are my very favorite way to instantly remove stains when I'm out.  Easy to carry and flat, Shout Wipes are easy to add to your Bridal Party Survival Kit.  (If you have a hard time finding these, I can always find them in Target and/or Bed, Bath and Beyond.  For some reason my grocery store doesn't carry them anymore.).  Other must haves? Tissues, lip gloss or chap stick, breath mints and/or gum.  I also like to add an extra pair of pantyhose (just in case). 

100 Layer Cake has a pretty template for making your Bridal Party Survival Kit yourself.  This way you can customize your kits to your bridesmaids.  My favorite way to handle Bridal Party Survival Kits? Find a spot to keep the kits at your reception venue, either in the bride's room or in a cabinet in the ladies room. Another option is to have a member of your family hold onto them for the bridesmaids. Your bridesmaids are not likely to be carrying a large handbag with space for these.  Make the kit small but useful.  A bridal party survival kit is the sign of a thoughtful bride.

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