Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wedding Headpieces or Fascinators

Wedding headpieces, also known as fascinators, are expensive to buy but easy to make. One of my favorite DIY videos on how to make a wedding headpiece is on Daily Candy. The tips on this web site make this one of the better tutorials for wedding headpieces that I've seen.  Any bride planning on making their own headpieces (and BTW, this will save you hundreds of dollars in some cases) head over to Daily Candy and watch their video where Eugenia Kim gives you the down and dirty tricks of how to trick yourself out for less!

My favorite part of their tutorial is how to curl your feathers! Who knew? Obviously I was not a milliner in a former life! I didn't even know where the word fascinator came from, let alone how to curl my feathers or create a wedding head piece or fascinator without this tutorial!

And for the curious (OK I admit, I'm one of you) who had NO idea where the word came from, having never heard it before the recent spate of fashion industry push, Wikipedia is full of information on just where this word came from.  It seems that the word initially referred to a a lacy head covering made of wool or lace, that was shaw-like and substantial in nature.  The term was rarely used by the 1970s. 
Queen Elizabeth used the term 'fascinator' to describe a 'hat' or other decorative headpiece that was required for entry into the Royal Enclosure at Ascot. 

The term has come back into vogue but it's meaning has changed.  Now it is a delicate head decoration that can be worn at times when a hat is traditionally worn.  Previously seen mostly at premium horse races fascinators have now become de rigueur at weddings for both the bride and her wedding party.

The modern fascinator is usually made with feathers, flowers, beads and veiling. These items are attached to the wearer's hair using a clip, headband, or a hair comb.  Brides usually choose a fascinator if their dress is less traditional or they choose it as an alternative to a wedding veil or a hat.
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For more ideas about how to make fascinators go to this link.  Remember, you can make these a large or small as needed, so don't forget to make one for your flower girl too.


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