Friday, October 14, 2011

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors

BOMBS AWAY! Seed bombs that is.  Give your wedding guests the gift that keeps on giving.  Make seed bombs (link for photo above) for your guests for wedding favors and they'll see them bloom come spring.  Seed bombs, also known as seed balls are a time honored way to get seeds to take root in areas where nothing was growing before.  The idea is a perfect analogy for two people getting married and growing together where there wasn't a family before. 

These seed bombs are made of clay which protects the seeds from being eaten by birds and the seeds will root through the clay to become part of the ground wherever they are placed.  These are eco-friendly wedding favors and any that are left behind can be planted in your own backyard. 

Tutorial available at Offbeat Bride and Instructables. There are also a variety of seed ball tutorials on YouTube.  Don't want to make them yourself? Seeds In A Ball has premade seed balls or kits if you're too lazy to gather all the items you need together. 

What is a seed ball or seed bomb?
A seed ball or seed bomb is a way to protect seeds by encasing them in a clay and compost mixture.
How do seed bombs work?
When seed balls or bombs are exposed to the sun and rain, the water slowly breaks down the seed ball, allowing the seeds to germinate, grow and thrive in an area that used to be a dry and unappealing landscape.  The clay used to make seed balls is rich in nutrients to encourage growth.
Where can I scatter the seed balls?
Some see seed balls or bombs as a way to beautify areas that appear neglected like vacant lots.  The legality of this is dubious, so we suggest limiting them to bombing your own property.  You can put them anywhere that needs a little plant life.
When is the best time to scatter the seed balls?
The best time to bomb with seed balls is in the spring or fall.  However, since the seeds are well protected inside the clay you can 'bomb' any time of year. 

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